Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh My Goodness

Well now that the holidays are officially over I have time again to sit and pay attention to my lil ole blog here. Oh how I've missed you my little blog and the people who read and comment.

It all starts in October when we get ready for Halloween and our little trick or treaters. My children love dressing up and getting their bags full of yummy candy, daddy and I monitor the candy intake carefully, We don't usually take them to too many neighborhoods. We stick to Trunk or treat at our church, our neighborhood and a few places on base. All in all a good time is always had by all.

The rest of the holiday season is mixed with school programs, church programs, fall festival at church and my eldest skate club winter show, which is usually a huge production, of which I am one of the coordinators. Fun fun. My daughter has been skating since she was about 5, she's 9. She love love loves it with a capital LOVE. She lives and breaths skating. It's to the point now that we have also started ballet, I guess it helps with grace and poise on the ice blah blah blah ok. She does freestyle, is on a synchronized team and now wants to try ice dancing. Special skates for this, that and everything else. I get so confused. It's a good thing she knows what is what. I get a little freaked out about the cost when I write the check to her coach every month, pick up skates from being sharpened, or new costumes for what ever competition is coming next. but she loves it and that is what matters. My husband tells me to relax and enjoy her joy. I do believe me.

I also was on the planning committee for the fall festival. It was fantastic if I do say so myself. I cannot take all the credit because there were many people involved. High 5 to everyone.

Christmas came with a bang. We spent Christmas eve with my in-laws. We thought we would have to rent a u-haul to get all of the kids presents home. Thankfully we fit them all in the car, we strapped the kids to the roof. Christmas morning mommy and daddy were allowed to sleep in until 6am, after staying up half the night putting out santa gifts and eating cookies meant for santa and carrots meant for Rudolph and the other reindeer (I don't recommend mixing sugar cookies and carrots) Mommy and daddy awoke to little eyes peaking over the edge of the bed and pats on the cheek from little hands. We tried to ignore them..didn't work. So up we get and out to the tree we go. Little girls laughing and carrying on wakes the baby. Half an hour later everything was open and it was time for pumpkin pancakes. Have you ever had pumpkin pancakes? OMG!!! That is all I can say about that.

I have to say bless my 9 year olds heart. We were watching tv the other day and an ad comes on for the Susan G. Koman 3 day walk for the cure. She looks at me and says "mom how come we never do that?" As you may know from my older posts I am a breast cancer survivor, praise God, So I said well maybe we should start doing it. So we are registered for the Seattle 3day. Bless her little heart. I'm smiling really, kinda, ok I'm not smiling. So now I am getting together a "walk for the cure" committee at church to raise money for donations and sponsership of women/families who want to walk but can't. ok so maybe I'm not going to be as free as I thought I was. Yes I will.


EmptyNester said...

Our two oldest daughters joined a sorority in college, ZTA. Their philanthropy? Breast Cancer awareness. That organization raises a lot of money for the cure! It was also great for getting the rest of us involved on a community level. Our two youngest are in college now and run the races but refuse to join a sorority. LOL

Saimi said...

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to ya!!!

Glad the Holiday Season was good to you!! What a wonderful fun time you and your daughter will have doing the walk-a-thon, she'll remember this and... it just might become a tradition!

Shawn Becker said...

You have a great blog.
What a wonderful experience for you, and your daughter, to walk the 3 Day walk! You will make so many wonderful memories during that time.

Rumtruffle said...

Hopping by to say Hi via FF40+ hosted by Java. Every Friday I am featuring a special blog, hop on over and see who it is this week, you never know it could be you!
Helen x