Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

We had such a wonderful time on our trip but it's nice to be home.

1. Crunchy or soft tacos?

I like both but if they are chicken tacos I prefer them soft.

2. Do you scrapbook?

YES!!!!!!!! I love it.

3. Do you take any daily medications?

Yes a few.

4. What is your favorite sound?

My children laughing

5. Where were you born?

San Diego California

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost 12am...

and We're still up! Can you believe it?!?! This away from the kids thing is something I could get use to. Not really. I miss my kids. I'm shocked at our up at almost 12am because at home, with 3 kids, I am usually in bed dead by 10. We are having such a good time. Did I mention we're away from the kids? Anyhoo, Last night we went to our new church for their Wednesday service. We LOVE it with a capital L O V E. We met some wonderful people. Several from the base. I am beginning to look forward to this move.

This morning we got up and checked out of our hotel and made the drive up to Washington DC. What an amazing and historic place. We did the touristy thing for a while with a group then went off by ourselves. We went to Arlington National Cemetary. What a beautiful place that is. We went to the monuments. Abe Lincoln had shifty eyes. Seriously. Have you ever been to the Lincoln memorial? No matter were you stand he's lookin atcha. I'm serious..shifty eyes. Anyhoo, We saw the capital building, the white house, the pentagon (hubby got really excited about that) (rolling my eyes) the FBI building (another excited moment for hubby) We went to the Smithsonian. That place is AWESOME! Then we went to the Vietnam war memorial. Oh Em Gee! You see hubby lost an uncle in Vietnam. He was a Marine. OohRaw! Anyhoo, It was an emotional moment for hubby. He actually called his dad and told him he was looking at his brothers (his dad's brother not his..hence his uncle) name on the wall. So sad. Then we decided it was time to just go back to our hotel and relax before dinner.

And so ends our day in Washington. Next stop...NYC!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Without Kids (for a week)

If you remember a few posts ago I mentioned that we're being transferred, Hubby has to report on April 1st and we'd be following later..There now that you're caught up...

Danny and I flew to Norfolk VA Sunday afternoon. Just to get him signed in and the housing process started. We will have housing by May 1st. We left the little kids home with our grown daughter. I wanted to spend this week alone with my husband. We'll be apart while he is here and I am with the kids in Washington waiting for the end of the school year.

So We've taken a tour of the base, seen where he will work, and where we will live. We've not lived on base before. This should be kind of fun. We met some of the people in our future neighborhood. Lot's of kids in our neighborhood. I am looking forward to this new adventure. Kind of sad and a little worried about leaving family behind but we're only a plane ride away right? Right.

Tomorrow we're going to explore the town. We're going to visit the church we've found to attend and check out the skating rink where our daughter will take her lessons. Thursday we are going to drive up to Washington DC and do the touristy thing and spend the night. Friday We're going to drive up to New York and do touristy things there, Spend the night and see a show, then fly home Saturday afternoon from Kennedy airport. I'm really excited about the last leg of our trip.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Follow Friday!!!

I'm getting really nervous about this weekend. My husband and I have been asked to give our testimonies in church this Sunday. I'm not really sure if I am ready to do it but how do you say no to your pastor? You just don't I guess. My husband is nervous as well. It's not easy telling people just how bad your life was at one point. It's easy to tell how, by the grace of God, your life has turned around and you've become new, but telling people where you came from is hard. I'm not ashamed of my life prior to my salvation. (for more info see the very first entry in this blog) I'm just not sure that I am ready to let all of my friends (and some people I don't even know) know all that I was. OK maybe I am making too much of it. I suppose I don't have to go into great detail but to do this honestly I think it's important to do just that...go deep. Danny and I have been discussing this and praying about it. He's even written his out already (show off) I pray for guidance and I pray for God's hand on mine as I write mine out. Giving me divine inspiration and the words to tell my story.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A few months ago my husband was notified that he was being considered for a post command. After months of waiting he was told that he was passed over. He was bummed of course but decided not to let it get him down. There are only 5 years left until retirement after all. Last week he was told that we're being transferred. I say "we" because I and the children are part of the navy as much as he is. So, April 1st he is to report to Virginia. Our new assignment. The kids and I will stay here until the end of the school year. Then make the move to join Dan. In approx. 2 weeks he and I will make a trip over and get ourselves on the list for housing. He was told that by the time the kids and I join him in June we'll have our housing. Crossing fingers here because those who know the military know they don't do things quickly...Unless you're being deployed.

I'm looking at this as a new adventure. I am a little sad to be leaving the west coast. I've only ever lived here. How different can Virginia be? There are beaches right. I'm really sad about leaving our church and all of my groups. I just hope we can find a worship home that we love and feel welcome and all that good stuff.

I love this little picture so I had to share it.

My daughter is most concern about her skating club. She is sure, without a doubt, that she won't be able to skate in Virginia. I think she researched this. I, on the other hand happen to know there is a very nice rink and I've already contacted them about her lessons, competing and skate club.