Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mending Fences? They Need To Be.

When 2 people are close friends they feel as though they can say anything to each other and be understood. Sometimes one's actions hurt the other person and sometimes things are said out of hurt and maybe a little anger and maybe not really understanding the other persons situation. After a time...I think those fences should be mended. Friends should be friends. People should understand each other. And..If you really were friends...why let words come between you? Life is to short. Forgive each other. It's easy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally Moved

It has been a remarkably busy several weeks.

Thankfully the drive across the country went well. Even with 3 kids in toe. We only threatened to leave them in a rest area twice. That's good right? And it was actually just the girls we threatened with abandonment. The baby wasn't much of a problem. Do I feel bad for the threats of abandonment? mmmmm no ha ha. I'm only kidding. For the most part the kids were great.

So we've gotten settled in to our new home. We're living on base and I am really liking it. I wasn't sure at first, when my husband and I discussed the pro's and con's of on base housing. I am really liking it. The Norfolk NAS is a beautiful base and HUGE. The new NEX is opening next week and I am so excited about that. Ok I guess I need a life if I am excited about the new NEX.

Emily (my oldest) has started her lessons with her new coach. He is awesome. He feels she has been held back. She's far better than her test level so by the end of next month he is going to have her test into novice. Oh..she's a figure skater if you didn't know.

Oh and....I found the most amazing nail tech. It's the little things you know.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OK When Did This Happen?

My kids feet grew like over night. This morning my daughter puts on a pair of sandals to wear to school and her toes are hanging over the ends. Ok yes they are last summer's sandals but still. So I told her we'd go get her some new ones after school. So since I hate shoes and rarely wear them myself I rarely put shoes on my kids feet...until we have to go somewhere (heaven forbid) or they go outside to play. So I, try, to put my 3 year old in shoes and same thing, her little toes poke out over the ends of her sandals too.

I need to pay more attention to my kids big elephant feet

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love For A Child

I remember when I was little telling my mom that the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. I had my dolls and my Barbies like all little girls. I had a favorite doll that I took everywhere with me. Even to the first day of kindergarten. I grew out of the dolls and the Barbies but I never grew out of my desire to be a mom. While I was carrying my daughter I felt a love growing that I never could have imagined. When I held her for the first time I was hooked. She was the love of my life. I'd loved before. Been in love and been loved but this little person who depended on me for everything was a love so different I could hardly imagine feeling love for anyone or anything as intensely as I did her. I watched her grow. Held her hand when she walked. Cried when she went to school for the first time. Kissed her booboos, rocked her to sleep, watched her sleep. Laughed with her. My first baby is growing up so fast. She recently turned 10 and I feel a little saddened. It won't be long and my first born will be driving, graduating and going off to college. I hope the next 8 years don't fly by me like these last 10.

When I married my husband we talked about more children. We also discussed his adopting my daughter. He said he loved her like he loved his own children. That felt a little strange to me. I didn't know yet how I felt about his children. They are older and were out of the house. I didn't understand loving someone else's child with as much love as you would your own flesh and blood. An opportunity fell into our laps to adopt a little girl. She was a year old when we met her. She was handed to me, put her little head on my shoulder and again I was hooked. I knew at that moment how my husband felt about my daughter. This little one I was holding wasn't flesh of my flesh but she is my daughter just the same. The intense love is the same as if I had carried her and delivered her. A year later our son came to be part of our family.

I can't imagine my life without these 3 precious children. Sometimes they drive me up the wall. What kid doesn't drive their parent up the wall? Together we have 5 children. My step children have become great friends. They have accepted me into their lives and think of me as another mom.

I am blessed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Ready To Move.

I've been away from this blog thing for a little bit. I've been busy, to say the least. As you may, or may not know, my husband went off to Virginia at the beginning of April. So I've been home getting ready to move. I've had help of course. Lots of friends and family helping me get things packed up and a few things shipped out. I spent a few days wondering how we would get the cars to the other side of the country. Then Danny called, like he does about every night, and said he would be back here the first week in June and we will drive his truck and tow my car. How fun does that sound?!?! Driving across the country with 3 children. There will be a lot of prayer for patience (and forgiveness no doubt) any volunteers to take my place? Just checking.

We had a WONDERFUL Easter weekend. Danny came home Friday afternoon. I had it all planned out. I picked him up while my eldest was in school and the 2 little ones were with grammy and poppy (my 3 year old came up with the poppy thing) Took him to the school to pick up our daughter. He went to her classroom to get her. I heard there were tears of excitement. They are so close. It's precious. We spent the rest of the weekend packing a few things. Sunday was church and what an amazing event that was. I just love Easter and celebrating our risen King. I still find myself in awe of the goodness and mercy our Lord God shows us. Sometimes when I think of my past life I think how blind and foolish I was. To turn a blind eye to the things people tried for a long time to show me. It's all a distant memory now. I can't imagine a moment now without the Lord leading my life and living in me. How precious a gift that is. Such peace and joy abound in my life now. Friday evening there was a showing of the movie "The Passion of The Christ" at our church. I'd seen it once before not long after I received Christ and it moved me then but this time was different. I was with friends, my husband, and family. Tears flowed freely it seemed through the whole movie. After the film was a worship time and I found myself moved to my knees in praise for the sacrifice that was given for me and those like me.


I went to YouTube to watch a video and lost my train of thoughts so I will sign off for now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Friendship myspace graphic comments I've been thinking about friendships. I have some very good friends. A couple I only know the voice of. Meaning we met online and have kept in contact online and over the phone. One of them I think of as one of my very best friends.

What does it mean to be a really true friend? To me it means to be able to tell my friend anything and be told anything by my friend, even if it hurts a little. If your really good friends can't tell you anything then you really aren't being a good friend then are you. Sure feathers may get ruffled from time to time but if you truly are close then you can get through it all.

Friday, April 1, 2011

When Hubby Is Gone

Why oh why are my children (almost) perfect angels when daddy is home but the minute he leaves the state they turn into devil spawn?

My husband left for Virginia Wednesday. He started at his new post today. Yesterday 2 new children moved into the house. Their names are "I don't know" and "I didn't do it" Amazingly enough they look EXACTLY like my 9 year old and my 3 year old. Amazing I tell ya.

My 9 year old decided she wanted a haircut and her sister, who is 3, cut it. Use your imagination to figure out how that came out. So off to great clips we went to "try" and fix 9 year olds hair.

Later on the new kid in the house "I didn't do it" finger painted on the bedroom wall. Thankfully is was water color and washed off. I am buying those no mess markers the first chance I get.