Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love For A Child

I remember when I was little telling my mom that the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. I had my dolls and my Barbies like all little girls. I had a favorite doll that I took everywhere with me. Even to the first day of kindergarten. I grew out of the dolls and the Barbies but I never grew out of my desire to be a mom. While I was carrying my daughter I felt a love growing that I never could have imagined. When I held her for the first time I was hooked. She was the love of my life. I'd loved before. Been in love and been loved but this little person who depended on me for everything was a love so different I could hardly imagine feeling love for anyone or anything as intensely as I did her. I watched her grow. Held her hand when she walked. Cried when she went to school for the first time. Kissed her booboos, rocked her to sleep, watched her sleep. Laughed with her. My first baby is growing up so fast. She recently turned 10 and I feel a little saddened. It won't be long and my first born will be driving, graduating and going off to college. I hope the next 8 years don't fly by me like these last 10.

When I married my husband we talked about more children. We also discussed his adopting my daughter. He said he loved her like he loved his own children. That felt a little strange to me. I didn't know yet how I felt about his children. They are older and were out of the house. I didn't understand loving someone else's child with as much love as you would your own flesh and blood. An opportunity fell into our laps to adopt a little girl. She was a year old when we met her. She was handed to me, put her little head on my shoulder and again I was hooked. I knew at that moment how my husband felt about my daughter. This little one I was holding wasn't flesh of my flesh but she is my daughter just the same. The intense love is the same as if I had carried her and delivered her. A year later our son came to be part of our family.

I can't imagine my life without these 3 precious children. Sometimes they drive me up the wall. What kid doesn't drive their parent up the wall? Together we have 5 children. My step children have become great friends. They have accepted me into their lives and think of me as another mom.

I am blessed.


Saimi said...

Isn't is just an amazing feeling, one that is so hard to describe unless you've experienced being a mother.

The love is incredible, and that is just a small scale on how our Heavenly Father feels for us.. It just blows my mind!