Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Early Morning Musinngs

I love the quiet early mornings. I get up about an hour before anyone else in the house. This is my well deserved "me" time. I love to sit outside with my first cup of coffee and watch the sun come up. Soon hubby will be up and it's go go go from there. Babies to change, wash and feed. A school lunch to make and a toast or bagel with Danny before he's off to work. I love mornings.

Last night for dinner we had corn on the cob. I know that doesn't sound very interesting but let me explain. There was a time when, like all children, our eldest daughter was missing her front teeth and eating corn on the cob was, if not hillarious, just plain impossible. So we started talking about it and soon we were all in hysterics remembering Emily and her missed rows of corn. You probbaly had to be there but trust me it really was funny. Sometimes I just am amazed by her, as I am with all of my children, I watch her do her homework or play with the babies and I wonder where my little girl went. She's not grown by any means but she is growing into a fine young lady. She's maturing rapidly and sometimes we'll be driving in the car, talking about things and suddenly I miss the little child she use to be.

This weekend Danny has a 4 day weekend and we're packing up the children and heading to our cabin in Snoqualmie. I am so excited about it. We've only been up there twice so far this year. It's a wonderful family time and there is nothing more important than family time. It's our time for reconnecting and refueling. Danny will take Emily fishing and the babies and I will search for butterflies and bugs of all sorts. None poisonous I hope lol. We have friends who own the cabin a few houses down and they will be up as well. We've got a little bbq planned. After dinner we'll roast marshmellows and made smores. They have a little boy Emily's age so she'll have someone else to play with besides mom and dad.

So as I hear movement in the house I shall say good morning to the masses and head off.

God bless all who read this.