Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sundays are usually our favorite day of the week. We go to church in the morning. Then out to brunch. Sometimes with my in-laws, sometimes not. Then we head home for some family vegetation. Family nap time. Danny will predicable put some game or another on TV and within an hour he's snoozing. I usually put everything domestically related off until Monday. If the weather is nice the kids and I will be outside sunning or planting flowers or bulbs. If the weather isn't good for outdoor activities I will settle kids in our room with a DVD. They love relaxing on mom and dad's bed. It's big a squishy. I will then settle myself on the couch with the book of the moment. Currently I am reading "Rapture". Book 3 of the Left Behind prequels. I've read 12 of the 13 Left Behind books. I loved them. I have to say though. The scared me. Knowing where I had been spiritually. I would have been left behind for sure. Now though I am not worried. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior as has my husband. We raise our children in a Christ centered home. I look forward to the coming of Christ. I cannot wait to bask in his glory.


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