Thursday, March 3, 2011

Follow Friday!!!

I'm getting really nervous about this weekend. My husband and I have been asked to give our testimonies in church this Sunday. I'm not really sure if I am ready to do it but how do you say no to your pastor? You just don't I guess. My husband is nervous as well. It's not easy telling people just how bad your life was at one point. It's easy to tell how, by the grace of God, your life has turned around and you've become new, but telling people where you came from is hard. I'm not ashamed of my life prior to my salvation. (for more info see the very first entry in this blog) I'm just not sure that I am ready to let all of my friends (and some people I don't even know) know all that I was. OK maybe I am making too much of it. I suppose I don't have to go into great detail but to do this honestly I think it's important to do just that...go deep. Danny and I have been discussing this and praying about it. He's even written his out already (show off) I pray for guidance and I pray for God's hand on mine as I write mine out. Giving me divine inspiration and the words to tell my story.


Rumtruffle said...

Just popped by via Follow Friday 40 & Over, wishing you a lovely weekend.
Helen x

Beth said...

Howdy...I am over 40 and here from Follow Friday... I hope your testimony goes well...let your heart lead you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for “Stalking Me!” I'm Stalking back! Following on GFC via Both of my blogs:
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Elle said...

Just speak from the heart. That usually works pretty well.

Following from Over 40.

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Kerri said...

Stopping in from 40 and Over (now that I'm 40!) Share your testimony. You NEVER know who may be in the audience that needs to hear something YOU'VE been through that they ARE going through, and to see someone on the other side could make all the difference. God Bless! Be brave!