Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost 12am...

and We're still up! Can you believe it?!?! This away from the kids thing is something I could get use to. Not really. I miss my kids. I'm shocked at our up at almost 12am because at home, with 3 kids, I am usually in bed dead by 10. We are having such a good time. Did I mention we're away from the kids? Anyhoo, Last night we went to our new church for their Wednesday service. We LOVE it with a capital L O V E. We met some wonderful people. Several from the base. I am beginning to look forward to this move.

This morning we got up and checked out of our hotel and made the drive up to Washington DC. What an amazing and historic place. We did the touristy thing for a while with a group then went off by ourselves. We went to Arlington National Cemetary. What a beautiful place that is. We went to the monuments. Abe Lincoln had shifty eyes. Seriously. Have you ever been to the Lincoln memorial? No matter were you stand he's lookin atcha. I'm serious..shifty eyes. Anyhoo, We saw the capital building, the white house, the pentagon (hubby got really excited about that) (rolling my eyes) the FBI building (another excited moment for hubby) We went to the Smithsonian. That place is AWESOME! Then we went to the Vietnam war memorial. Oh Em Gee! You see hubby lost an uncle in Vietnam. He was a Marine. OohRaw! Anyhoo, It was an emotional moment for hubby. He actually called his dad and told him he was looking at his brothers (his dad's brother not his..hence his uncle) name on the wall. So sad. Then we decided it was time to just go back to our hotel and relax before dinner.

And so ends our day in Washington. Next stop...NYC!