Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Without Kids (for a week)

If you remember a few posts ago I mentioned that we're being transferred, Hubby has to report on April 1st and we'd be following later..There now that you're caught up...

Danny and I flew to Norfolk VA Sunday afternoon. Just to get him signed in and the housing process started. We will have housing by May 1st. We left the little kids home with our grown daughter. I wanted to spend this week alone with my husband. We'll be apart while he is here and I am with the kids in Washington waiting for the end of the school year.

So We've taken a tour of the base, seen where he will work, and where we will live. We've not lived on base before. This should be kind of fun. We met some of the people in our future neighborhood. Lot's of kids in our neighborhood. I am looking forward to this new adventure. Kind of sad and a little worried about leaving family behind but we're only a plane ride away right? Right.

Tomorrow we're going to explore the town. We're going to visit the church we've found to attend and check out the skating rink where our daughter will take her lessons. Thursday we are going to drive up to Washington DC and do the touristy thing and spend the night. Friday We're going to drive up to New York and do touristy things there, Spend the night and see a show, then fly home Saturday afternoon from Kennedy airport. I'm really excited about the last leg of our trip.


Saimi said...

Life is GOOD!