Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

I'm adding mine on Sunday as usual because you just never know what Monday will bring lol.

1.What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Usually I have a bagel and coffee. Once in a while a cup of yogurt with it.

What kind of car do you drive?

A Volkswagen Routon

3. Have you ever met a famous person(s)?


4.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate fudge brownie

5.Which TV channel do you watch the most?

Depends on the night. Usually USA or TNT.


Audrey said...

That ice cream sounds yummy! I like a bagel with peanut butter and a large cup of coffee my self :)

Java said...

Omg I love that car!! And yummy ice cream too!!!

Saimi said...

Yeah, I'm all over that Ben and Jerry's ice cream! Never heard of them before.

Yum, Yum!!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Nice to meet you. I think your answers were great. I am new to Meet Me, come over and visit it you want to.
See you again soon.

PS>I was once a Navy wife so I do understand. :)

cj Schlottman said...

I agree with your TV choices! Nice to meet you.

cj Schlottman said...
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the Chacogirl said...

Hi, coming at you from Java's place! I love meeting new people on mondays or tuesdays, or wednesday, whatever:) That ice cream looks so good. We don't get Ben and Jerry's down here in Paraguay.

Rose said...

i'm already a follower. do you have any ice cream to share?

Jill said...

Chocolate Ice Cream? I'm here!!

I'm now Following via Follow Friday 40 and Over!

Have a Great Weekend!