Monday, July 12, 2010

My Husband Left Me..

Ha ha made ya look. Seriously though he did leave me. For a 6 week training thing in Norfolk VA. This should be the last time he leaves until he retires. That is IF you can believe the military lol which usually you can not. I would say I am a single mom for a few weeks but as luck has it I have a whole group of navy wives to count on if need be. Thank you Jesus lol.

Saturday we picked up our daughter from camp. She had so much to say and to tell us. She didn't stop talking until we dropped the kids off at our friends for the night. We took the family to the aquarium in Seattle for the day.

This I do have pictures for, unlike 4th of July, and I will post them..eventually. After dropping the kids off we met some friends for dinner then made our way to Federal Way to see Michael W. Smith in concert. He's the "other" man in my life. I absolutely LOVE him. The concert was amazing.

Isn't he a cutiepatootie


Saimi said...

I'm embarassed that I dont know who Michael W. Smith is....But I have another man in my life as well, Neil Diamond. What can I say!

Glad you had a great time! Hope the 6 weeks goes fast for you!

Robin said...

So glad that your daughter loved camp. I know that it was my favorite part of the summer growing up!

Rose said...

michael smith does have a great voice and not bad to look at.