Friday, July 2, 2010

I am really late in getting here today. I debated, for a split second, on skipping this week but obviously changed my mind. I will make this post short and sweet though, maybe. I have been on my feet and going all day. So much to do before the holiday weekend. Plus I had a hair appointment. A cut and color and I am a new woman. Well sort of.
I took my son to the dr yesterday. He had immunizations, poor little guy, which of course put him in a bad mood and gave him a little fever. all he wated was to be held I had a hard time getting him down for a nap and when he finally gave up the dogs started barking and woke the little guy up. I was so mad. There is nothing worse than an icky feeling cranky infant, except maybe a cranky toddler.


Saimi said...

Don't ya just love a good cute and color hair appointment! I have one on Tuesday! YaY!!

Although it's also where she waxes the eyebrows....oh the pain!

have a great weekend!