Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What No 4th of July Pictures!?!?!

Seriously! Dh and I had a huge 4th weekend. With the big shindig on base and parents of summer campers were invited Sunday for a shindig with our children up in the mountains I was all excited and ready to post some pictures. We took a bunch of pictures! So here I sat yesterday, in between baby naps and potty training sessions, ready to post some of our family 4th fun on facebook and here to my blog and there are NO pictures on our camera!!! Want to know why? I'll tell you. Dh grabbed the wrong camera. We still have a camera that requires film and it looks very similar to our digital. So there you are. No 4th pics. You will just have to take my word for it. Sorry. We all have imaginations though and can picture the fun we had lol.

Saturday we went to base and looked at all of the planes, went on a tour of a couple ships, had free hotdogs and soda, compliments of the US government (thank you tax payers lol) Watched the air show and a concert. Then fire works. My 2 year old I think was a little confused by it all. She usually doesn't see daddy on base without his uniform, I usually go to the commisary while he is at work and once in a while I will bring the kids over for a quick howdy do. A few of the men and women in Dh's squad came to say hello, even though they were on duty, and my Dd looked at Dh and said "Daddy why don't you have your clothes on" only in 2 and a half year old talk. Now I know all parents know that their kid is the cutest, smartest and most clever but come one...That was cute. Not to mention darn funny. By the time the fireworks started my 2 little ones were worn out and dead asleep in strollers and missed the whole show.

Sunday after church we headed up to the church camp to see our eldest who has been at camp for about 11 days now. It was beautiful up there. The kids put together a little program with a patriotic skit and singing. It was cute. I can't wait for her to be home Saturday.

So there you have it.


Rose said...

even though no pics you gave a great breakdown of activities so we can close our eyes and visualize.

Paige said...

Thanks Rose lol That's what I was going for.