Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Great Big Thank You...

To the ladies who stopped by and left wonderful comments on my blog.

I've been needing to get into my yard and do some work to my flower beds. So this morning we went to Lowe's. I got some pretty little flowers and a mixed flower pot. I love my flowers. I'm such a shmuck I hate it when DH kills the dandelions. I also got some more bird seed and another feeder for the big birds. This is my favorite time of year. I love to be outside tending my flowerbeds, feeding and watering the birds.


Saimi said...

I'm a fan of pretty flowers too, but the dandelions...umm, not so much!

My garden is doing great. Funny how you loath something when your a kid and love it as an adult. I love to plant and grow things.

Your flowers are very pretty indeed!

Gretchen Seefried said...

Love being outside and planting flowers oh nice! I am now following you! Please come over to Midchix and add your blog to the blogroll in the perky blogging mamas flock! Let me know if you need help!