Friday, June 11, 2010

Over 40 and Parenting

DH and I were talking last night. Discussing life and parenting over 40. Our oldest is 9 so needless to say I was much younger when she was a baby and toddler. Now, into our 40's, we are parents to a baby and a toddler. It's not as easy as it once was. Both of our youngest children are adopted so it was our choice to get back into parenting. Not an accident or midlife desires for another baby. It's just as fun as it was 9 years ago, don't get me wrong, but chasing after a toddler is tiring lol. I wouldn't change it for the world though. I love my life and my children more than anything in this world.

We're finding it a little harder to set aside some "us" time these days. DH's job is demanding (he's in the navy due to retire in a few years) and I just seem to be worn out at the end of the day. I look forward to weekends without the 48 hour duty stretch where I am, for 2 days, a single mom. I sympathize with mom's who's dh's are deployed. It's not easy. Thumbs up to you. Thankfully military wives are a close knit group and we help eachother.

So with all that said....Bring on the weekend!

Helpful hint of the day:: Always get dressed before putting on new nail polish. It's so much easier.