Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Milestone and a busy week

So here I am back to my blog. I have had a really busy couple of weeks. I don't even really know why. If just seems that time went by really fast from the time I got up until I went to bed. I was non stop go go go. I hardly had time to sit and watch Days of Our Lives. Thank the Lord for DVR lol. Today is a slow day so I'm catching up. Wow I missed a lot lol.

Today is also the eve of a milestone for my eldest daughter. She's 9 and is going away to summer camp for the first time. I am excited for her and a little sad. It means she's growing up and venturing out, spreading her wings. This is part of why I was so busy this week. We were running around, list in hand, buying the things she needed for the 2 weeks away from home. She's so excited to go she has no idea my heart is breaking. Then I wonder why am I heartbroken over this? I should be excited to be a kid short for 2 week lol. Sadly no I am not excited. Maybe next year. So at 8am tomorrow DH and I will be at church watching the busses pull away with our little girl. Ok I will stop obsessing. A parent has to let go at some point right?


Robin said...

I loved summer camp. I hope that your daughter feels the same way!